COLCHIS COLIaborative CHannel Integrated System

Santiago de Compostela is the final stage of the Way of Saint James. Since the beginning of 9th Century, millions of people from very remote places around the world have walked during days, months or, even, years to fulfill their oath and visit the remains of the apostle Saint James the Great. This beatiful city with her Cathedral, renowed University, pintoresque streets, tasty food and warm people is one of the main campus of our Training Network.

Santiago de Compostela was the place chosen for the celebration of the MENELAOS_NT Mid-term Summer School held at CiTIUS facilities in September 2021. This was the first opportunity for the ESRs and their supervisors to meet in person and share their experiences. They also attended several conferences and seminars taught by experienced and reputed researchers in the field of Remote Sensing, Compressive Sensing, and Deep Learning, among others. From COLCHIS Blog we would like to thank our hosts in Santiago for this enriching experience and their hospitality. Below you can find some photos of the city.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela from Alameda park (photo by Zhouyan)
Library America of University of Santiago de Compostela (photo by Alvaro)
Street scenes from Santiago de Compostela (photo by Zhouyan)
Parador of Santiago de Compostela (photo by Alvaro)
Mercado de Abastos (Food Market) of Santiago de Compostela (photo by Andreas)
Street scenes from Santiago de Compostela (photo by Zhouyan)